Love is the Master Key to Freedom

HeartSourcing ® is a way to love yourself and your world fully. It takes you to peace of mind, unwavering joy, and harmonious relationships. Unlock the wisdom of your heart to fulfill your reason for being!

Join Ramgiri & Durga at O2 Yoga Mexico for a HeartSourcing ® training. Everyone, doesn’t matter what you work at or what is your background in yoga, who has the desire to be free can do it!

HeartSourcing ®, is a highly effective and concrete way to access the true essence of Self, while dissolving the stressful thoughts and emotions that hide the real and abiding joy of the spiritual Heart. This path of HeartSourcing® leads you directly to self-healing, self-love and self-realization. You are born to find this hidden treasure within you, and attain true fulfillment. It combines a set of powerful skills that are a vital help to manage the challenges of life and bring about the changes you seek with wisdom and integrity. Rooted in ancient wisdom and contemporary life the HeartSourcing ® Yoga guide seekers in their own personal practice on a highly direct path to self-realization.

“We have enormous undiscovered potential. But without realizing that, most people continue to suffer. This is no longer necessary today! We have been given new, highly effective approaches to resolve our own pain and in this way ease the pain of the world. It is time to awaken; we are all called. With the right approach and the willingness to practice we will become free. It can happen now, in this life. You can become a receiver and giver of grace.

It is in everyone; all have the potential to awaken. There are a simple set of steps: transform your unhappiness, fear, pain, and stress at the root. Learn to love yourself, others and life (or God). These gifts are already in you: this magnificent heart, this unconditional complete love, this integrity, balance and harmony. In you is the place of health and wholeness, sanity, refuge, the well that never runs dry. It’s the place where you’re already whole and enlightened. It is always there; you could not live for a second without it. But it is covered up by stressful thoughts and emotions.

So if you want to free yourself of all the trouble and tension in your life, you don’t need to look far. Look where the unhappiness, fear, pain, anger etc. is experienced: in you. Don’t keep getting lost in the 3 million things you can get upset about. Stay with the upset itself. It’s in you and there you can free yourself of it. Then use the gifts, the skills, to set you free and taste the heart, your core, the indescribable gift.”

In his book “HeartSourcing ®: Finding Our Way to Love and Liberation,” Ramgiri chronicles his own personal spiritual journey along with the teachings and powerful insights that are part of HeartSourcing ®.

“I do not know anything, I just know how to change hearts.”

– Maharajji